Sharing stories

We all have a story to tell, as individuals, businesses and communities. We have ideas and wisdom to impart, products to offer, good work to do, and we need to find a way to share that information with others.

I am here to help you tell those tales, whether the purpose is to connect with readers, customers or donors.

I recently left the newsroom to strike out on my own as a writer. While I love writing fiction, I  also love helping others hone their own stories.

I started JFE Communications for this purpose, and to round out my creative endeavours with my more practical writing skill set – nonfiction writing, editing and proofreading.

Previously, I was a business and civic affairs reporter at the Burnaby NOW. Like my fellow reporters, I was also a proofreader and a copy editor. I filled in for the editor and assistant editor as needed.

These are the first days of my business, and I expect my own story will change. I look forward to filling you in on what I learn as I go.